Good day everyone,


Firstly, in terms of my trip to the USA in April, I won a major victory yesterday – I got a United States visa! The interview went really smoothly, and it’s another step towards fulfilling the dream.


Land of the free, home of the brave

Land of the free, home of the brave


Secondly, I’m going to post my personal lineup for the Coachella Music Festival this year, and I’d like to hear your feedback on whether you think I’m focusing on the right artists, or what your ideal lineup would be. Right now, individual stages and set-times haven’t been announced, just on which days the artists will be performing. So at the moment, my lineup is very much a wishlist, and I’m hoping that I’ll physically be able to see who I want to see live and in the flesh! Check it out under the Coachella page, or download the MS Excel document on my campaign site


Thirdly, although a victory was gained in the Cape Town US Consulate, I’m still struggling with an issue on my site with regard to posting articles under the Portfolio page. As stated in my first blog post, I have about three articles in the mix, and although my efforts have primarily been focused on my fundraising campaign, I would like to get them onto the site as soon as possible for your nourishment. On that topic, if you have any feedback on the design and layout of the site, I’d love to hear it. Comment, email, Twitter – you take your pick, readers.








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