About: Kurt Duvel


  • Life-long passion for English, creative writing and journalism
  • High school at Kearsney College (KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa)
  • Tertiary education at the University of Cape Town (Western Cape, South Africa)
  • Undergraduate degree: Bachelor of Science in Construction Studies (graduated December 2011)
  • Postgraduate degree: Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Quantity Surveying (graduated December 2012)

 Kurt Duvel - 2012

Born and raised in the province of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, I attended Kearsney College in Botha’s Hill for my high school years, where my life-long passion for English, creative writing and journalism was nurtured. By my Grade 12 year in 2006, I was conflicted with my possible career choices: my analytical and logical side showing capabilities in the field of Quantity Surveying (an Engineering profession focusing on cost control), whilst my creative side was leading me down a path towards journalism in some form.


At least then, my common sense dictated that I study towards becoming a professional Quantity Surveyor, leaving journalism and writing as a hobby. Thus, I began my tertiary education at the University of Cape Town in the Western Cape, completing an undergraduate Engineering degree in Construction Studies (2011) and a postgraduate Honours degree in Quantity Surveying (2012).


A hiccup in my 2010 end-of-year exams at UCT meant that I was due to repeat just one course in the following academic year to graduate from my undergraduate degree. This left a near full-time schedule available to me to find employment in a professional Quantity Surveying firm in a student capacity. My ten months at MLC Quantity Surveyors from February to November 2011 sparked a significant rethinking of my life’s priorities, in addition to providing invaluable real-world experience in the Quantity Surveying field.


In the evenings and free time I had outside of work and my one university course, I wrote, reviewed and discussed music on my new part-time blog, titled “The Eagle’s Nest”. Prompted by some close friends’ requests for me to “put all my ideas and opinions down somewhere”, the site became a tool for my creative expression, including occasional poetry in between longer articles. The creative side of me had been reawakened.


I graduated from UCT in December 2012, after a gruelling Honours year. I was finally ready to enter the working world, and begin life as the predestined professional Quantity Surveyor. However, a nagging ambition to pursue my passion for music journalism that started with The Eagle’s Nest, in addition to support from family and friends, helped persuade me to take my journalism work full-time. 2013 now sees my analytical and creative sides working together to be a thorough, professional, and passionate music journalist.