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Good evening from the Nest,


The Coachella page is now updated with information on “The Eagle’s Flight to Coachella” fundraising campaign. Please have a look at what it’s about, share it with people/businesses that might be interested, and contribute (even if it’s a small amount). I know that it sounds cliche, but every little bit counts. That’s how crowdfunding works: together everyone achieves more.


This eagle is on his way to Indio, California

This eagle is on his way to Indio, California


I’m so nervous, yet also excited for the trip, and I’m spending most days in talks with potential sponsors. But it’ll all be worth the effort when I finally set foot on that Southern Californian soil, and report on an experience that I know a majority of South Africans have not been able to enjoy.


On a side note: I’ve been watching British comedian Ricky Gervais’ new mockumentary series ‘Derek”, and by the fourth episode, I noticed that they had already used two Radiohead songs in the show (‘Bones’ and ‘Kid A’, by the way). Well played Mr Gervais, well played…


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